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Candidate for Ohio's 14th Congressional District

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Our founding fathers created the Constitution as a means of protecting citizens from government and corporate overreach. The governments' role is to protect it's people. We currently have a government that is illegally partnering with corporations against the people, using their positions to cause division.

All elected officials take an Oath of Office in which they promise to protect The Constitution of The United States. The current establishment in Washington DC has failed to  uphold that very basic, yet necessary, duty. 

All businesses, also,  must agree to abide by the Constitution in order to receive a license to operate in America.  It is up to us to hold them accountable by electing everyday Americans like myself to replace them on May 3rd, 2022!

We The People must stand together to take back the government we created. 

See a list of my focus points once in office below.

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  • End tyrannical mandates - stand up for medical & religious freedoms

  • Resist The Great Reset

  • Will not send money overseas 

  • say NO to Build Back Better

  • Fight against Social Credit scores

  • No One World religion, govt, or currency

  • Protect The Constitution


  • Ban CRT agendas

  • School Choice - $ follows student

  • Remove Federal powers from education - state & local level

  • Hold leaders accountable for discriminative policies & abuses to children 


  • Remove federal  permits/ restrictions from Ohio oil & natural resources

  • Legalize Marijuana

  • Prohibit stock dealings by elected officials

  • Change campaign/election funding

  • Impeach current administration

  • Afghanistan accountability - soldiers lives & all money for equipment lost should be paid back to the people by Biden personally

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2022 Let's Go Brandon Dr.

Vote for me in the Primary Elections - May 3rd, 2022!!!

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